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Corporate Traveller gave us the expert advice and direction to modernise our travel program. Changing to online self booking has made our travel processes faster, more efficient and delivered a simpler framework for cost reconciliation and control. Corporate Traveller's quality of service has made it one of our most valued business partners and one that our staff rely on daily to ensure they get from A to B smoothly.
Caroline Oates // PA to CEO // Bundaberg Brewed Drinks


  • Unstructured booking processes
  • Unnecessary spending
  • Reduced reporting and visibility
  • Wasted time reconciling their travel


  • Centralised all bookings via online booking tool
  • Implemented advanced purchase strategies
  • Assigned client specialist Travel Managers
  • 25% saving on airfares in last 12 months
When we addressed reviewing our travel spend with Corporate Traveller, they put together a management plan to lower our spend along with the online tool for direct bookings. This, along with a new Diadem travel policy, ensures our travel spend is much more economical. We have had other travel company proposals over the years but have chosen to stay with Corporate Traveller.
Julie Chiminello // Diadem


  • Wanted to cut costs without cutting travel
  • No booking policies or procedures in place
  • No access to an online booking tool
  • Last minute bookings resulted in overspend


  • 61% saving on domestic and international airfares
  • Implemented of best fares of day policy
  • Introduced advanced purchase processes
  • Reduced spend through controlled online booking tool

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